The Future of Privacy: Exploring Secret Classes

Privacy is a major concern in the modern digital age. With data breaches and surveillance becoming increasingly common, many are looking for ways to take back control of their personal information. One new service that aims to revolutionise privacy is Secretclass, an encrypted messaging and calling app that allows users to communicate securely and privately.

What is a secret class?

Secretclass is an app developed by Anthropic that provides end-to-end encryption for messages, voice calls, and video conferencing. It uses advanced artificial intelligence to generate encryption keys on the user’s device, rather than relying on a centralised server. This means only the sender and recipient can access the contents of conversations—not even Secretclass itself.  

Some key features of Secretclass include:

End-to-end encryption: Messages are encrypted on the sender’s device and only decrypted on the recipient’s device. This prevents third parties from accessing communications.

Local AI key generation: encryption keys are generated on the user’s device by an AI system trained by Anthropic. No keys are stored on external servers.

Disappearing messages: Any message can be set to delete automatically after a period of time chosen by the sender. This leaves no trail.  

No phone number is required. Users do not need to provide any personal information to sign up. Just a username and password.

Open source: The code for Secretclass is open source, allowing transparency and community contribution.

Why is privacy important?

Privacy is essential for protecting our basic human rights and civil liberties. When private communications can be accessed and analyzed by corporations or governments without consent, it enables:

Data exploitation: User data may be exploited for profit or surveillance without permission. 

Discrimination: Behavioural data can lead to unfair treatment or exclusion.

Censorship: The knowledge of surveillance can lead to self-censorship and reduced free speech.  

Reputational damage: Leaked information and communications can cause serious harm to reputations.

Manipulation: Personal data can be used to infer vulnerabilities and manipulate users.

Maintaining privacy prevents these harms and protects the autonomy and dignity of individuals. Secretclass aims to promote privacy as a fundamental right.

How Secretclass Works

Secretclass utilizes state-of-the-art cryptographic techniques and artificial intelligence to provide robust privacy protections.

Users download the SecretClass app on their device. No personal information is required during sign-up.

When users register, the app uses Anthropic’s constitutional AI to generate a public or private key pair directly on the user’s device.

– The public key serves as the user’s ID. The private key is stored securely on the device and is used to encrypt outgoing messages.

When users communicate, messages are end-to-end encrypted with their contact’s public key before transmission. 

Received messages can only be decrypted on the intended recipient’s device using their unique private key.

If disappearing messages are enabled, encrypted messages are deleted automatically from the sender’s, recipient’s, and SecretClass’s servers.

This combination of on-device key generation, end-to-end encryption, and disappearing messages ensures privacy.

Secretclass vs Traditional Messaging Apps

Secretclass differs from traditional messaging apps like WhatsApp and iMessage in several key ways:

No phone number is required, – no personally identifiable information needs to be provided. Just a username. 

True end-to-end encryption: Many apps claim end-to-end encryption but still have access to cryptographic keys and metadata. Secretclass has zero access.

No centralised infrastructure: Secretclass’s decentralised approach avoids central servers that can be compromised.

Open source transparency: closed source code obscures whether traditional apps genuinely follow through on privacy promises. Secretclass’s open approach allows for independent audits.

AI key generation: keys generated on users’ devices by constitutional AI remove single points of failure.

So while traditional apps may seem secure, Secretclass is designed from the ground up with privacy as the top priority.

Limitations of Secretclass 


While SecretClass offers best-in-class privacy features, there are some limitations:

requires app download. Those you want to chat with will also need to install Secretclass. More friction than using existing messaging apps.

Early-stage platform: As a younger app, SecretClass has fewer users and is less battle-tested than giants like WhatsApp.

No cloud sync; encrypted chat history cannot be accessed across linked devices without manual transfer.

Metadata risks: While contents are encrypted, third parties may still be able to infer data based on metadata like who you talk to and when.

Usability lags: prioritising privacy means certain usability features common in other apps are not yet implemented.

However, Secretclass is under active development and is adding users and capabilities at a rapid pace. The core privacy architecture is sound.

The Future of Private Communication 

Secretclass represents a new wave of privacy-first technologies that aim to give users control over their data. Some expected innovations in private online communication include:

Bringing private AI assistants to market: Like Claude, Anthropic’s Constitutional AI assistant is designed to operate securely on user devices without violating privacy.

Fully encrypted video calling: expanding end-to-end encryption beyond text to video chatting. 

Blind credentials: new techniques like zero-knowledge proofs to privately verify information like age without revealing actual identity data.

Integration with decentralised networks: blockchain, peer-to-peer, and distributed cloud technologies to reduce reliance on central servers.

User-controlled data permissions – Granular controls over what info apps can access instead of all-or-nothing at signup.  

Regulatory support – Potential future privacy laws and regulations restricting how companies exploit user data.

Widespread adoption of privacy innovations like Secretclass could usher in a new era of secure, ethical data use. The opportunity to communicate and share information freely without exploitation is on the horizon.


Secretclass offers a compelling vision for taking back control of privacy using encryption, AI, and decentralization. While limitations exist, the core foundations are strong. As the app matures, Secretclass could become a leader in frictionless private communication – restoring confidence that our conversations stay where they belong. The opportunity to move toward an ethical data economy that respects user consent is attainable.

The future looks bright for taking back control of our data with privacy innovations like Secretclass leading the way.

Frequently Asked Questions About Secretclass

Is Secretclass safe for activist or protest groups?

Yes, Secretclass is especially useful for keeping the communications of at-risk groups private and secure against potential interference or retaliation. The decentralized end-to-end encryption architecture protects against data access by authorities, corporations, and bad actors.

Can Secretclass access or store my messages?

No, Secretclass has no ability to view or store message contents due to the end-to-end encryption based on locally generated keys. Not even Secretclass can read your conversations. 

What user data does Secretclass collect?

Secretclass collects no personal identifying information at all. No phone numbers, emails, names etc. are linked to accounts. Only random usernames created at signup.

Can I use Secretclass on multiple devices? 

Secretclass does not yet natively support syncing chat history across multiple linked devices, but this feature is in development. For now, encrypted chat histories must be manually transferred between devices.

Is there a cost to use Secretclass?

No, Secretclass is entirely free to download and use with no advertising or paid tiers. Anthropic generates revenue through business sales of its Constitutional AI technology.

Meta Description: 

Secretclass is a new encrypted messaging app using decentralized infrastructure and locally generated encryption keys to provide users unprecedented control over their privacy.

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