Acid Madness: A Haunting Look into the History of Hall Nguyen Duy Tri 

Stepping into the dimly lit Hall Nguyen Duy Tri is akin to entering a fever dream. Walls pulsate with vibrant graffiti, each stroke infused with swirling psychedelia. Strange sculptures contort in the shadows, whispering tales of altered realities. This enigmatic space, nestled in the heart of Hanoi, Vietnam, is more than just an art gallery – it’s a portal to the mind of a visionary artist, a testament to the enduring power of “Acid Madness.”

The Artist: Hall Nguyen Duy Tri

Hall Nguyen Duy Tri, born in 1987, is a self-proclaimed “psychonaut” and provocateur. His artistic journey began early, fueled by a fascination with the surreal and the macabre. His teenage years were marked by experimentation with mind-altering substances, a practice that would later become a cornerstone of his artistic expression.

Tri’s formal art education at Hanoi University of Fine Arts provided him with technical skills, but it was his exploration of psychedelics that truly unlocked his creative potential. He embraced the chaotic beauty of altered perception, translating it onto canvas with a raw, visceral intensity. His paintings pulsated with vivid colors, morphing forms, and cryptic symbols, reflecting the fragmented landscapes of his psychedelic voyages.

Acid Madness: A Masterpiece Born from Controversy

In 2023, Tri unveiled his magnum opus – “Acid Madness.” This immersive multimedia installation, housed within the Hall Nguyen Duy Tri, pushed the boundaries of traditional art, sparking both fervent acclaim and virulent criticism.

The centerpiece of the exhibit is a sprawling labyrinthine environment constructed from salvaged materials. Distorted mirrors, neon light sculptures, and hypnotic projections create a disorienting sensory experience, mimicking the effects of a psychedelic trip. Visitors navigate through claustrophobic tunnels, encounter unsettling mannequins, and listen to haunting soundscapes composed by Tri himself.

But “Acid Madness” is more than just a sensory bombardment. It’s a searing social commentary, a psychedelic lens through which Tri dissects the anxieties and delusions of contemporary society. His grotesque figures mock political corruption, his distorted projections critique consumerism, and his cryptic symbols hint at hidden truths lurking beneath the surface of everyday life.

Critical Acclaim and Backlash:

The impact of “Acid Madness” was immediate and visceral. International art critics lauded Tri’s audacious vision and raw talent, awarding him prestigious accolades and catapulting him onto the global stage. However, his success was not without controversy.

Conservative elements within Vietnamese society condemned the exhibit as “morally corrupt” and “detrimental to national culture.” Religious groups denounced its psychedelic imagery as blasphemous, while authorities accused Tri of promoting drug use.

Tri, unfazed by the criticism, remains steadfast in his artistic vision. He sees “Acid Madness” as a necessary confrontation, a wake-up call urging viewers to question the fabric of reality and challenge societal norms.

The Enduring Legacy of Hall Nguyen Duy Tri:

Though the initial fervor surrounding “Acid Madness” has subsided, Hall Nguyen Duy Tri continues to draw visitors from around the world. The exhibit has become a pilgrimage site for art enthusiasts, a testament to Tri’s unique ability to tap into the collective unconscious and spark profound self-reflection.

His exploration of psychedelics as a tool for artistic expression has opened doors for a new generation of Vietnamese artists, emboldening them to challenge conventions and explore the fringes of consciousness.


Hall Nguyen Duy Tri’s “Acid Madness” is not just an art installation; it’s a testament to the power of human imagination, a potent cocktail of psychedelia, performance art, and social commentary that continues to haunt and mesmerize. Whether you admire it or revile it, one thing is undeniable: Hall Nguyen Duy Tri has carved his name in the annals of contemporary art with a psychedelic scalpel, leaving an indelible mark on the cultural landscape of Vietnam and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the significance of the name “Acid Madness”? The name “Acid Madness” refers to the artist’s exploration of psychedelics as a source of inspiration and the intense, often chaotic nature of his artistic expression.
  • Is “Acid Madness” appropriate for all ages? Due to its mature themes and potentially disturbing imagery, “Acid Madness” is not recommended for young children or individuals sensitive to strong visual stimuli.
  • Where is Hall Nguyen Duy Tri located? Hall Nguyen Duy Tri is located in Hanoi, Vietnam. The exact

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