iPhone SE 4: Gearing Up for Launch with Apple’s Custom 5G Modem in 2025

Apple enthusiasts, rejoice! The wait for the next iteration of the budget-friendly iPhone SE might be longer than expected, but it promises to come packed with a significant upgrade: a custom-designed Apple 5G modem. Let’s delve into the details surrounding the upcoming iPhone SE 4 and what this new feature signifies.

A Delayed Debut

Initial reports suggested a 2024 launch for the iPhone SE 4. However, recent speculations from industry analysts like Jeff Pu and Ming-Chi Kuo point towards a 2025 release date. This delay is likely attributed to Apple’s focus on developing its own 5G modem technology.

Breaking Away from Qualcomm

Traditionally, Apple has relied on Qualcomm for its iPhone modems. The iPhone SE 4, however, marks a shift in strategy. By incorporating its custom-designed 5G modem, Apple aims to gain greater control over hardware components and potentially enhance device performance.

Potential Benefits of Apple’s Custom Mode

The switch to an Apple-made modem could lead to several advantages. Here are a few possibilities:

  • Improved Performance: Apple’s custom modem might offer faster 5G speeds and better power efficiency compared to its Qualcomm predecessors.

  • Tighter Integration: A self-designed modem could enable tighter integration between hardware and software, potentially leading to a smoother user experience.

  • Reduced Reliance on Suppliers: By developing its own modem, Apple lessens its dependence on external suppliers, potentially streamlining production and potentially lowering costs.

Design Speculations

While details remain sketchy, analysts suggest the iPhone SE 4 might borrow design cues from the iPhone 14. This could translate to a larger display, possibly 6.1 inches, with a notch housing the Face ID system.

A budget-friendly powerhouse?

Despite the delay, the iPhone SE 4 promises to be a compelling option for budget-conscious Apple users. The combination of a powerful A-series processor, a potentially improved camera system, and the new 5G modem could position it as a leader in the affordable smartphone market.


rajkotupdates The iPhone SE 4’s arrival in 2025, equipped with Apple’s first-generation custom 5G modem, signifies a significant step forward for the company. This new direction has the potential to enhance performance, improve user experience, and potentially reduce costs for Apple’s future iPhones.


  • When is the iPhone SE 4 expected to launch?

Analysts currently predict a 2025 launch for the iPhone SE 4.

  • What’s the big news about the iPhone SE 4?

The most significant upgrade is the inclusion of Apple’s custom-designed 5G modem, a first for the iPhone SE series.

  • Will the iPhone SE 4 be a good buy?

With a potentially powerful processor, an improved camera (rumoured), and a new 5G modem, the iPhone SE 4 could be a compelling option for budget-conscious Apple users.

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