News Akash Chopra Says Shreyas Iyer Could Be a Captain for KKR or RCB

Former Indian cricketer and renowned cricket commentator, Akash Chopra, has recently expressed his opinion on the potential captaincy candidates for two of the Indian Premier League (IPL) franchises, Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) &Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB). According to Chopra, Shreyas Iyer could be an excellent choice for either of these teams. In this article, we will explore Chopra’s thoughts on Iyer’s captaincy skills &his potential to lead a team in the IPL.


Shreyas Iyer is an Indian cricketer who has been making waves in the cricketing world with his impressive batting skills and on-field leadership abilities. He has already, led the Delhi Capitals (DC) team in the IPL, and under his captaincy, the team reached the final in the 2020 season. Iyer’s ability to stay calm under pressure and make smart, decisions has earned him praise from cricket, experts and fans alike.

Chopra’s Opinion

Akash Chopra, who is known for his analytical commentary and cricketing insights, has recently stated that Shreyas Iyer could be an excellent choice for the captaincy role at KKR or RCB. According to Chopra, Iyer has already proven his leadership abilities with DC, and he has the potential to lead any team in the IPL.

Chopra also highlighted Iyer’s calm &composed demeanor on the field, which is an essential trait for a successful captain in the IPL. He also praised Iyer’s ability to read the game and make smart decisions, which is crucial in the fast-paced and high-pressure environment of the IPL.

Potential Impact

If Shreyas Iyer were to be appointed as the captain of either KKR or RCB, it could have a significant impact on the team’s performance. Iyer’s leadership skills, coupled with his impressive batting abilities, could prove to be a winning combination for either team.

KKR and RCB have struggled with their captaincy choices in the past, and Iyer’s appointment could be provide much-needed stability and direction to these teams. Additionally, Iyer’s experience of leading a team in the IPL, coupled with his positive attitude and excellent communication skills, could be help him build a strong and cohesive team.


Akash Chopra’s opinion on Shreyas Iyer’s potential as a captain for KKR or RCB is undoubtedly worth considering. Iyer has already proven his leadership skills with DC, and his calm and composed demeanor on the field could be an asset to any team in the IPL.

While it remains to be seen if KKR or RCB will consider Iyer for the captaincy role, there is no denying that he has the potential to be a successful leader in the IPL. With the tournament just around the corner, cricket fans will be eagerly waiting! to see which team Iyer will be leading in the upcoming season.

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