True Forex Funds: A Transparent and Innovative Proprietary Trading Firm

Proprietary trading, or prop trading, is a type of trading where a firm uses its own capital and risk to trade in the financial markets, rather than trading on behalf of clients or customers. Prop trading can offer many benefits for traders, such as access to large funds, advanced technology, professional mentoring, and high profit splits. However, prop trading can also be challenging, as it requires a high level of skill, discipline, and consistency to succeed in the competitive and volatile market environment.

That is why many traders choose to join a proprietary trading firm that can provide them with the necessary resources and support to achieve their trading goals. One of the most popular and reputable prop trading firms in the industry is True Forex Funds, a global community of traders that empowers everyone from seasoned day traders to beginners with state-of-the-art technology and unparalleled opportunities.

What is True Forex Funds?

True Forex Funds is a proprietary trading firm that was founded in 2023 by a group of experienced traders and industry experts who wanted to create a transparent and innovative model in prop trading. True Forex Funds has since grown to become one of the fastest-evolving prop trading firms in the world, with over 10,000 traders from more than 110 countries.

True Forex Funds offers a range of features and services for traders, such as:

  • A funding program that grants traders up to $2.5 million in funding upon successfully passing a 2-phase evaluation program. The evaluation program has realistic and simple trading objectives, such as an 8% profit target in phase 1 and a 5% profit target in phase 2. The registration fee for the evaluation program is refundable upon completion.
  • A high profit split of 80/20, meaning that traders get to keep 80% of their profits while True Forex Funds covers all the potential losses. Traders also get paid within 24 hours after requesting their payouts.
  • A choice of trading platforms, including MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, which are widely acknowledged as the best platforms for forex trading. True Forex Funds does not have any trading or trade size restrictions on its platforms, and allows traders to hedge on their accounts.
  • A vibrant Discord server where traders can interact with each other, ask questions, share opinions, post trade setups, and learn from experts and mentors. The Discord server is a thriving hub where traders can confidently seek advice, share insights, and connect with others who share their passion for trading.

Why Join True Forex Funds?

True Forex Funds is a valuable platform for traders because it helps them to:

  • Overcome financial limitations and access substantial funds to trade in the forex market. True Forex Funds provides traders with up to $2.5 million in funding, which can significantly increase their earning potential and trading opportunities.
  • Trade with transparency and trust, knowing that True Forex Funds is a reputable and reliable prop trading firm that pays its traders on time and covers their losses. True Forex Funds also has a clear and fair fee structure, and does not charge any hidden fees or commissions.
  • Improve their trading skills and strategies by using the best-in-class technology solutions and learning from the experienced trading community. True Forex Funds provides traders with access to advanced tools and indicators, as well as professional guidance and feedback from mentors and peers.
  • Grow their trading career and confidence by scaling up their funds as they achieve their trading objectives. True Forex Funds rewards its traders for their performance and consistency, and allows them to expand their funds as they also strengthen their skills.


True Forex Funds is a transparent and innovative proprietary trading firm that provides traders with various resources and services to help them trade better. True Forex Funds offers up to $2.5 million in funding, an 80/20 profit split, a choice of trading platforms, and a vibrant Discord server for traders. True Forex Funds helps traders to overcome financial limitations, trade with transparency and trust, improve their skills and strategies, and grow their career and confidence in the forex market.

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