Zaxby’s Chicken Fingers & Buffalo Wings

Zaxby’s is an American fast casual chain of restaurants serving chicken wings, chicken fingers, and salads. It operates primarily in the Southern United States and has over 900 locations. Most of its locations are franchised, while 123 are owned by the company itself. In addition to the chicken, wings, and salads, Zaxby’s serves a variety of sandwiches and side dishes.


When ordering food online or by phone, you can choose a variety of items from Zaxby’s chicken fingers & Buffalo Wings menu. The menu may vary slightly based on your location. If you live in a city where Zaxby’s is located, use Uber Eats to place your order. You can schedule the delivery in advance or select a $0 Delivery Fee option if you prefer.

The chicken wings at Zaxby’s are considered healthful. Compared to breaded wings, bone-in wings are a healthier choice. Breading adds excess fat, calories, and sodium. Also, bone-in wings have fewer carbs. While they may be healthier, bone-in wings still contain excess calories. For kids, Zalads also come with Kidz Drinks.


The prices for Zaxby’s chicken fingers/buffalo wings vary from location to location, and the menu changes on a regular basis. You can find the current menu online, or look at your local Zaxby’s for more information. You can also find Zaxby’s locations and hours of operation. Please note that these prices are current as of July 2020 and may differ from other states.

Zaxby’s chicken salad is made with marinated chicken breast and six unique sauces. You can choose from the classic buffalo sauce or birthday cake and chocolate cookie sauces. All salads come with a side of fries and a drink. Prices for Zaxby’s chicken fingers & buffalo wings vary widely by location, and you can get a different sauce with each dish.

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dipping sauces

If you’re looking for “the best damn chicken finger” and some homemade wing sauces, you’ve come to the right place. This chain serves chicken fingers, chicken poppers, sandwiches, wraps, salads, and more. They use locally sourced ingredients and antibiotic-free chicken. And they’re known for their delicious dipping sauces. You’re sure to find something on the menu that suits your tastes.

The ad campaign takes its inspiration from the YouTube series, “Guy on a Buffalo,” which started airing in 2007. The parody of the 1970s western film “Buffalo Rider” is also featured in the commercial. The ad features celebrities from different industries, including NASCAR legend Bobby Allison and five Southern celebrities. It will be airing in the coming weeks.

The dipping sauces at Zaxby’s range in taste from spicy to sweet. They also offer a number of side dishes, like crispy romaine lettuce and spicy ranch. You can also get a chicken salad, which is good for a meal, and a special menu for kids. You’ll find a wing sauce that suits your taste buds. And you can’t go wrong with Zaxby’s chicken fingers!

restaurant’s ties to NASCAR

Richard Childress Racing has recently revised its partnership agreement with Zaxby’s chicken and Buffalo wings. The popular restaurant will continue to sponsor the No. 21 team for ten more races this season. “This deal is important for us because we want to support our favorite NASCAR team,” Childress said in a statement. “We’re very happy to have this opportunity to work with such a fantastic team!”

In addition to its partnership with NASCAR, Zaxby’s has other ties to the sport. For example, it has a restaurant in Lexington, Ky., and has featured prominent Southerners in its advertisements, including American Idol finalist Melinda Doolittle, boxer Evander Holyfield, and Atlanta Braves announcer Chip Caray, and NASCAR legend Bobby Allison.

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