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YouTube is a great place to watch Thai dramas. It features a variety of content, and many of its uploads have English subtitles. It also offers a fast, seamless streaming experience. LINE TV is another popular choice for watching Thai dramas. This platform has a number of exclusive series and collaborations with influencers. It also provides high-quality subtitles.


Although DramaFever is no longer available, it left a lasting impression on Thai entertainment and contributed to its international popularity. Its legacy is now carried by a number of other platforms that provide an excellent viewing experience for fans. KissAsian, a video-sharing platform that focuses on Asian content, is another excellent option. The website features a large selection of Thai dramas and has an active community. It also offers subtitles, making it a convenient choice for international viewers.

The Crown Princess is a gripping romantic drama that centers around a princess and a commoner. Its complex plot and well-developed characters make it a must-see for romance fans.


Dailymotion is a popular video-sharing platform that offers a wide selection of ดูซีรี่ย์พากย์ไทย dramas with English subtitles. Its extensive library includes both classic and new releases, and its user interface is easy to navigate. It also features recommendations based on viewers’ preferences. The website is free to use, but it may contain advertisements. Rivalry is a Thai drama that stars Milin and Anawin, two family members who are heirs to competing legacy businesses. The drama received rave reviews for its chemistry, captivating storyline, and well-developed characters. It also topped the charts on YouTube and Line TV.


Whether you are looking for romance, historical epics, or action thrillers, these platforms offer an extensive selection of Thai dramas. They also provide a convenient, hassle-free streaming experience and accurate subtitles, making them the ideal option for international audiences. Viu is a Hong Kong-based over-the-top video streaming platform that offers a wide variety of Asian content. The company’s impressive library includes Korean, Japanese, Thai, and Chinese dramas as well as lifestyle, music, and variety shows. The site also features a curated list of recommended titles. One example is Girl from Nowhere, which is a gripping thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


The global streaming giant Netflix offers a wide selection of Thai dramas, catering to viewers around the world. Its high-quality subtitles and user-friendly interface make it a popular choice for fans of Asian dramas. A notable example is Hormones, which captivated audiences with its realistic portrayal of high school life. This trailblazing drama focuses on the complexities of friendship and love, resonating with viewers across ages and cultural backgrounds. Viki is another popular platform that features a large collection of Thai dramas with English subtitles. Its commitment to accurate subtitles and vibrant community make it a standout among other streaming platforms.


LINE TV offers a wide range of video content for free. Its library includes TV dramas, entertainment shows, movies, Y-series, and music videos. It also recommends content based on your viewing history. Its app is available on both smartphones and tablets. Unlike other streaming platforms, WeTV focuses exclusively on Thai dramas. Its extensive library includes many classic and contemporary Thai dramas. Its English subtitles are typically well-translated, making it easy for international viewers to follow the storyline and appreciate the talent of Thai actors.

Viu, Netflix, LINE TV, WeTV, and GMMTV all offer a variety of options for watching Thai dramas with English subtitles. Each platform has its own unique strengths, but all of them provide opportunities for international viewers to enjoy the captivating storytelling and cultural richness of Thai dramas.


WeTV is a popular streaming platform that offers a variety of Asian dramas. Their English subtitles make it easy for international viewers to enjoy the captivating storylines and talented actors. The service is available for free or a premium subscription. The site offers a diverse selection of movies and TV shows with multiple language options, including Thai. Its extensive classification choices allow users to find the perfect show based on their preferences. The service also features user reviews and ratings, enhancing the viewing experience.

2gether, a modern romantic comedy, has become the top-rated Thai series on YouTube and Line TV. This feel-good drama stars Bright and Win as a young couple who begin dating to shake off an unwanted admirer.


While YouTube and Dailymotion offer a large selection of Thai dramas, the Viki website stands out for its commitment to providing high-quality English subtitles. Its interactive community and extensive library have made it a favorite among Thai drama fans. It also offers a mobile app and offline viewing options, making it convenient to watch Thai series on the go. One of the most popular Thai dramas is 2gether, a modern romantic comedy that has won hearts with its charming leads and heartwarming storyline. Another is Girl from Nowhere, a riveting thriller that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.


From heartwarming romances to thrilling historical dramas, the world of Thai television has something for everyone. Thanks to platforms like Viki, YouTube, and Netflix, these captivating stories are available to international audiences. Viki is a popular streaming platform that specializes in international content, including Thai dramas. Its commitment to providing high-quality subtitles allows non-Thai speakers to fully immerse themselves in the story.

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